octubre 26, 2008



Clonazepam (marketed by Roche under the trade-names Klonopin in the United States and Rivotril, Ravotril or Rivatril in Europe, South America, North America (Canada and Mexico), India, and Australia) is a drug which is a benzodiazepine derivative. It is a highly potent anticonvulsant, muscle relaxant and anxiolytic.[1]

Klonopin / Rivotril / Clonazepam Side Effects

SIDE EFFECTS: The most commonly noted side effects associated with clonazepam are sedation, which is reported in approximately half of patients, dizziness which is reported in one-third of patients, weakness, and unsteadiness. Other side effects include a feeling of depression, loss of orientation, headache, and sleep disturbance.

Like all benzodiazepines, clonazepam can cause physical dependence. Suddenly stopping therapy after a few months of daily therapy may be associated with a feeling of loss of self-worth, agitation, and insomnia. If clonazepam is taken continuously for longer than a few months, stopping therapy suddenly may produce seizures, tremors, muscle cramping, vomiting, and/or sweating. Therefore, discontinuation usually is accomplished by reducing the dose gradually.


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