Fiesta en Paris. Hemingway.

abril 21, 2008






The Twenties

The restlessness of Hemingway in the period between the end of World War I and the publication of A Farewell to Arms became apparent in his many and varied activities during these ten years. He married Hadley Richardson in 1921 but they were divorced in 1927. Hemingway married Pauline Pfeiffer the same year. He worked for the Toronto Star and Star Weekly from 1920 until 1924. In 1921, he returned to Europe and travelled widely throughout the continent. He fell in love with Spain, which figures so prominently in his writings, during the twenties. Hemingway covered the international events of that decade and met such world figures as Lloyd George, Clemenceau, and Mussolini. Hemingway early grasped the dangers of Fascism and wrote scathingly of the Italian dictator, whom he disliked immediately. In 1924, Hemingway settled in Paris to devote himself to his own writing and was introduced through Sherwood Anderson to the influential circle of Gertrude Stein. He published Three Stories And Ten Poems in 1923; In Our Time, a compendium of stories and vignettes, in 1924; the expanded version of these Nick Adams stories, In Our Time, in 1925, in the United States; The Torrents of Spring, a satirical, unsuccessful novel, in 1926; and of course The Sun Also Rises, in 1926, and A Farewell To Arms in 1929. His father suicide in 1928 affected him greatly.




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